Ask Your Payroll Processor

Here are the things you should be asking of any payroll service wanting your business:

1. Is there an extra charge for delivery or direct deposit?

2. Is there an extra charge for them paying garnishments like child support, student loans, SC or IRS tax garnishments or direct deposit to H.S.A. accounts?

3. How many times will they draft your account each month for their fees, payroll taxes and workers comp?

4. Do they furnish employment paperwork like W4s and I9s, SC D.O.L. forms and Employee Handbooks?

5. Do they keep completed employee paperwork for up to 7 years or do you do it?

6. Do they report newly hired employees within 10 days as required by law?

7. Is E-Verify, as required by SC law, included in the price or is it an option for an additional fee?

8. Do they complete the forms for a Workers Comp or Unemployment claim?

9. Do they do the OSHA 300 log at year end?

10. Do they charge extra to provide the reports for the GL, Workers Comp and Health Insurance audits?

11. Tell them you would like to see a completed copy of their service agreement where they take responsibility for any errors in tax deposits since you are ultimately responsible to the IRS.

12. Who will handle any problems that come up, the local sales rep or someone in the office where your payroll is processed? Who has the final authority to resolve a dispute or problem you may have with their service?

13. Will they cut the payroll checks on their account in Charleston so you don’t have to spend extra time when you reconcile your bank statement with all the checks against your account?

14. Do they provide you with employment law posters as required by law?

15. Will they advise and assist you with government compliance issues other than payroll?

All of these are included as a part of the standard Checkmate service fee.