Are you aware that as of January 1, 2012 all businesses in the state of South Carolina are required by law to process all newly hired employees through the federal E-Verify system?The E-Verify system administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security allows employers to gather information from the employee I-9 form and check the work eligibility of newly hired employees in the E-Verify database. Once a new employee is hired, the employer has exactly 3 business days to submit the employee’s information through the E-Verify system. For employers who fail to do so are subject to significant fines and/or loss of their business license.

Let Checkmate handle your E-Verify requirements!

While E-Verify is a useful tool in establishing the legal work status of all new hires, it also requires an enrollment process with lengthy tutorials and frequent system updates. As a client of Checkmate, we assume the burden of completing all new hire submissions to E-Verify.

We supply all of our clients with “employee hiring packages” which include Forms W-2, I-9, Department of Labor form and an Employee Handbook. After we receive a completed I-9 form, a Checkmate representative will then submit the employee information through the E-Verify system. While most employees will be “authorized” to work in South Carolina, some E-Verify inquiries may return with mismatching information. Should an employee mismatch occur, we will immediately notify the client and gather the necessary materials and instructions and present them to the employee.

See it’s that easy! As a client of Checkmate the E-Verify service is included in our standard fee! For additional questions regarding our E-Verify service please contact our office at (843) 763-9393 or email to: scott@checkmatehr.com

Notice from SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation