Who is Checkmate?

Checkmate was formed in 1992 to relieve small business owners of the enormous burden of employee-related, government paperwork.

Any small business owner today will readily admit that his business would probably operate more efficiently and profitably if his time and energy weren’t so preoccupied with government paperwork and regulations. The greatest challenge, in fact, is related to employees in the area of payroll preparation, tax withholding, government mandated unemployment and worker’s comp insurance, not to mention employee benefits, such as health, disability, life insurance and retirement plans.

Checkmate eliminates this headache by assuming the responsibility for all of these functions and much more, leaving the business owner with more time to manage his business. Checkmate deposits all taxes and files all government reports, leaving the small business client more time to hire and manage employees.

In addition, Checkmate may be able to negotiate better rates and terms for worker’s compensation and health insurance due to its’ large volume.